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She returned! The girl without the pearl earring

After more then one year, going to several venues in England and Scotland. The ‘Girl without pearl earring’ has returned safely. The painting was exhibited as part of the BP Portrait award 2019 in the National Portrait Gallery London and Edinburg. It was a very nice experience to be part of. Thanks to the great model @Faredajohnson, who stated her complexion is ‘the lightest ...

Interview and Feature AR[T]MOIRE

Click on the picture or link below for the full text. Our next guest (born 1976) is a professional artist living in Groningen, the Netherlands. He creates figurative art, mostly oil paintings. Before this, he studied and worked as a psychologist. Bas’ art allows us to give free rein to our own imagination. His art is capable of enveloping us in a world between what is and what is not. ...

Masterstudy of Mancini in Drents Museum

Drents Museum Assen I painted live at the Drents Museum, three days to study on Antonio Mancini’s ‘Lo Studio’. * A short interview about it after the first day on RTV Drenthe radio: (listen from 46′ 40”) here * a short film was made 25-9 about it at my third day there, also by RTV Drenthe: see it here Painting live from a masterpainting in a museum was a ...


Bas Nijenhuis Fine Arts

Painting the unseen. The attempt to capture the intangible. To distill what fascinates in abstract brushstrokes of oilpaint. Going beneath the surface…


Gedempte Zuiderdiep 142

Groningen, the Netherlands


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