The painting ‘The weight of the world, the world awaits’. Has been selected from more then 1000 entry’s to be shown at castle Slot Zeist as part of the Dutch Portrait Price (De Nederlandse Portretprijs)! Earlier -in 2017- another work was selected. It is nice to be part of this again and to see the work shown in a great location with other portraits (50 total, paintings and sculptures).

Opening possibly end of June ’21.

weight of the world, dnp, de Nederlandse portretprijs

The weight of the world; the world awaits. Oil on panel. 120×100 cm.Β 

After more then one year, going to several venues in England and Scotland. The ‘Girl without pearl earring’ has returned safely.

The painting was exhibited as part of the BP Portrait award 2019 in the National Portrait Gallery London and Edinburg.

It was a very nice experience to be part of. Thanks to the great model @Faredajohnson, who stated her complexion is ‘the lightest shade of black’.

I will add to this: Vive la difference!

girl without pearl earring

BP portrait award 2019 ‘Girl without pearl earring’

Drents Museum Assen

I painted live at the Drents Museum, three days to study on Antonio Mancini’s ‘Lo Studio’.

* A short interview about it after the first day on RTV Drenthe radio: (listen from 46′ 40”) here

* a short film was made 25-9 about it at my third day there, also by RTV Drenthe: see it here

Painting live from a masterpainting in a museum was a thrilling experience! I asked permission to do this at the Drents Museum Assen. They had the Italian exposition Sprezzatura in which Mancini was shown with several works.

I asked for three days to study his painting ‘Lo Studio’ (at the study), and this was allowed. They were very enthousiastic about this. I was the first who painted this way there. The first day was on mondays when the museum was closed, so I was practically alone in there with all the nice paintings. I mostly focussed on the painting itself though.

See the result below after three days: (now I have my own Mancini to look at ‘sort off’ :))

mancini mastercopy Nijenhuis

lo studio Mancini, masterstudy, Bas Nijenhuis