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bas nijenhuis intervieuw artist artworksOur next guest (born 1976) is a professional artist living in Groningen, the Netherlands. He creates figurative art, mostly oil paintings. Before this, he studied and worked as a psychologist. Bas’ art allows us to give free rein to our own imagination. His art is capable of enveloping us in a world between what is and what is not. It is becoming entrapped in a moment where you can see how each subtle brushstroke gives more than one story to tell and somehow or another you are a witness to this all. His works of art allows us to step before an entrance that contains an array of tales and each one deserves one’s attention. In all, his works of art have a certain freedom to them that simply invite you for more.

Some artists have a very clear ‘signature’. In the same subject mostly, with a specific color palette or specific style.

On the other hand and I feel much more for that is experimentation; trying new things, discovering things with paint, different subject matter and have some less boundaries. I like that and it is nice to see how I as an artist develop. I do not like the same things as I did some years ago and maybe I can create more or get more free within the limitations of paint…

I think for a marketing point of view, having a very clear brand or branding is a plus. For the sake of an artist view it might not be so. Like Morandi, the paintings have a large denominator and are quite similar in feel and appearance. I love them! (well most of them). And like some of my works, they seem to cancel each other out. What I mean: when you see more then one, beside each other their impact dimishes. They could be seen like that recently in the Museum in Heerenveen. They are better viewed i.m.o. as ‘worlds’ apart instead of a group, but that is beside my point here 🙂

The brand of Morandi works and that can be good, but it also fixes the artist to it. I’ve read somewhere not to worry about thematics when painting: just paint what you love to paint, and the thematics will aways be there (in retrospect). Let’s keep on doing just that!