This work I made some months ago is the first of the series: You are male / female or: “You’re M/F”. I am interested in the the differences of gender, but more so in the similarities. I think people have both sides in them, more then this society think it is. The gender construct is a complex one: it is biological/fysical , genetics, social and psychological. I feel the latter two are most constricted and fixed. People can do and wear what they like some people state, but if you are a male, then I challenge you to wear a dress and go in public. Even if this is a simple piece of fabric, the effect of wearing it isn’t simple at all. The gender construct is very complex. With this series I am supporting for more freedom in these roles.

I painted people for this You’re M/F series with whom the duality of male and female is possibly more pronounced. These persons are proud warriors in a way in that they follow there heart and express the way they want to express themselves.

The first painting of the series, is depicted below and was deemed eligible for the Nationale Portretprijs, 50 works/ portraits have been selected for a show in Paleis Soestdijk! I am grateful for that. You can see a small film of the selection live day here.

You are both M as F!