Drents Museum Assen

I painted live at the Drents Museum, three days to study on Antonio Mancini’s ‘Lo Studio’.

* A short interview about it after the first day on RTV Drenthe radio: (listen from 46′ 40”) here

* a short film was made 25-9 about it at my third day there, also by RTV Drenthe: see it here

Painting live from a masterpainting in a museum was a thrilling experience! I asked permission to do this at the Drents Museum Assen. They had the Italian exposition Sprezzatura in which Mancini was shown with several works.

I asked for three days to study his painting ‘Lo Studio’ (at the study), and this was allowed. They were very enthousiastic about this. I was the first who painted this way there. The first day was on mondays when the museum was closed, so I was practically alone in there with all the nice paintings. I mostly focussed on the painting itself though.

See the result below after three days: (now I have my own Mancini to look at ‘sort off’ :))

mancini mastercopy Nijenhuis
lo studio Mancini, masterstudy, Bas Nijenhuis